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red bottom

Two inches of red wine at the bottom of a bottle. So I thought I’d open an old bottle of bubbly someone had bought years ago. Mix the two together.

The cork disagreed.

20 minutes later I’d managed to saw off the top of the cork, chip away at the middle, leaving a pile of cork on the kitchen bench, and, eventually, push the bottom of the cork into the bottle.

I hate mess. I’m naturally untidy, so mess x untidy = chaos, which I can’t abide. Cork, blotting paper to soak up the errant bubbly, a pencil to push the cork into the bottle as I pour. Various other bits and bobs on my desk. Not comfortable in my head.

However, the brew does work.

I’m now listening to the Allman Brothers, who I’ve never listened to before, and the guy playing the SG sounds like my head feels after a bottle of bubbly mixed with two inches of red.



I’ve switched it off. Feel better already.

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