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Monthly Archives: July 2021



I, for myself, want to say this,

that for a while I was the bard of the Hedengings,

dear to my lord;

my name was Deor,

I had for many winters

a good position,

a loyal lord,

until Heorrenda now,

a man skilful in songs,

has taken the estate

that the protector of warriors

before gave to me.


That was overcome,

So may this be


Me wæs Deor noma.


clear the page

I’ve been reading some dross lately. Just badly written, with what appears to be a dearth of editing.

To clear my palate I’m going to go back and read Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy. After that, I might have to read the Bridge Trilogy by William Gibson. And I also need to read Life at the Top.


I’ve been too relaxed of late.

I wouldn’t say happy, cos for me the ideal state is contentment, happiness is lovely but it’s transient, so I don’t really give it much mind, but I’m chilled, which is the next-best thing to content.

And it’s a trap.

I get nothing done when I’m too relaxed, everthing slows down, everything becomes soft at the edges, and right now, with no deadlines, nothing crying out to get done, that’s how I feel. I don’t get writer’s block, that’s just a lame excuse, but I do get sidetracked.

So I’m going to set some deadlines. Some targets. It’s not about flow, it’s not about inspiration, its about putting words on paper.

bug in


Drove up to Amble with Lishman on Thursday. Really good day, though we cut it a bit short.

We chatted about material things, ambition and the like. Neither of us are materialistic. It’s not about getting stuff. It’s not about income or overt status symbols. I’ve said this before, but as nice as a Porsche 911 is, it’d be no use to me as there’s no boot for my dog to travel in. And my dog is more important than any car.

It’s not about getting things, it’s about sitting in the sunshine of Amble Harbour, drinking coffee with a pal and not having to do anything else.

Having said that, there are a couple of things I do like owning: this computer I’m writing on, and my soprano saxophone, but beyond that, I’m just not into acquisition for it’s own sake. Ideally, I can carry everything I need in a single rucksack. For the rest of it, all I need is time, friends, somewhere to drink coffee and read a book.

Amble Harbour. Absolutely nothing going on, and that’s just fine.