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Monthly Archives: November 2021


Almost did a book festival but escaped it at the last moment. However, as part of the run-up to that, I did do an an interview with Narc magazine.

Read it here:


Been busy of late, hence the lack of posts. I realised that as I worked on the second book in the Jago series, Jester, I also needed to draft the third book, so that it would follow on smoothly and correctly.

Also doing some of the other life stuff, including getting over the wu-jab, which knocked me flat for a month. Nice.

Anyhow, things are moving along nicely.



I’ve posted less on here in the last couple of months than at any time over the last twelve years. Been busy. Sort of.

I drafted Hurley, but am not sure if I even want to do a second draft. It’s got potential but I haven’t really got a buzz for it. We’ll see. The follow-up to Jago is due next year. I’m working on the third book at the same time.

I think I might revisit the gods which is something I abandoned as a bad job a few years ago, but it works, I only need to find the correct shape.

the last post

There’s a graveyard near me that, in the middle of the various graves of different sizes and colours and ages, some of them almost two hundred years old, has a long row of simple white headstones.

Last week I went for a walk through there and I studied these white stones for a few moments. They’re the graves of military lads from World War 2, and I saw the average age was about twenty-four, and they were mostly airmen, with a scattering of squaddies. There were four graves in a row with German names, young lads who’d been killed bombing my home town in 1941.

They lay quietly alongside their foe – enemies no more.