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When I began writing I shunned all writers groups and I avoided any sort of writerly ‘advice’ – I instinctively knew I’d be better off learning the writer’s craft by writing, and I did.

It’s not difficult to write. Here are my two rules of writing:

  1. Write.
  2. Finish what you start.


But because I’ve been teaching myself how to use First Draft via YouTube, I’ve begun to get videos recommended to me on the old ‘how to tell a story’ malarkey. There are lots of theories about how to write a story, and many many videos explaining these theories but, again, instinctively, I recognise a thicket of confusion when I see it.

So I’ll complete this script. I’ll send it off. It’ll probably get turned down – most do. Then I’ll go on with my next story.

Which is the writer’s craft. In four sentences.

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