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bats all folks


I made it to the end of The Batman. It only took me five sittings.

I feel like there were numerous good screenplays in there somewhere, and they’d all been torn up, thrown into the air, and whatever landed on top became the final script. If it was written by committee, the committee were drunk. While speaking different languages. In different rooms.

It was bad.

How can they take such a great, unbreakable, premise and make such a mishmash of a movie? I like RP as an actor, and Andy Serkis is always good, it’s a cosmic law. The characters are great, of course – how could there ever be a bad Penguin? I’d like to see a Penguin movie in which he does lots of evil stuff, and survives, thrives even.

I can see a Catwoman movie in the near future too. But they need to make it low-budget; lo-fi; gritty: it doesn’t have to be Joker, that was a one-off, but it could be a movie worth watching. Oh, and it has to be said, apart from the opening sequence, the action wasn’t believable. It was silly and got sillier. Which is fine if they were going for an Adam West type of Batman (though this most recent iteration wasn’t fun either), but if  this was supposed to be Batman-meets-7even, which I think on some level it was, it should have at least been believable.

Anyhow, I’m breaking a rule, writing while drunk. I should follow Hemingway’s advice and edit this tomorrow, when sober.

Which is what they should have done with The Batman.


Sober would have just been a bonus.

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