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natural high


Over time I’ve come aware of the effects that naturally-produced drugs have on me. Exercise makes me feel good, the more intense the exercise, the better the feeling, though if I’ve done too much, a few hours later I’ll feel like shit. Lifting weights makes me feel really calm and sleepy afterwards. Writing makes me feel complete. Meditating seems to re-set my brain so that the chatter dies down – it’s like I’ve closed all the programmes on my mental laptop and then pressed restart: all of a sudden everything is faster and smoother.

Wine gives me a great feeling while I’m drinking it, but it’s 50/50 whether I go off into a deep sleep or stay up half the night with my heart beating too fast. I’ve had three cigarettes in my life, all foisted on me by friends when I was drunk, but I know I could get to enjoy that very quickly. Fortunately, I don’t like the smoke-stink or the blocked arteries, so I’ll never start.

I take a daily prophylactic for my chronic migraines which is also, by chance, a mild antidepressant, so it makes me feel very smooth, but also shaves off a few percentage points from my top end of my brain-functioning. I began taking CBD intermittently a while back, and it gives me strange, vivid dreams, but also nightmares.

So, for me, the best and most predictable highs come from exercise, writing and meditating.


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