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gimme some…

I have a sweet tooth.

I’ll happily miss a meal in order to eat chocolate. Or biscuits. Or both. Make that two or three meals replaced with sweets. I’m good.

But sugar increases the rate and severity of the chronic migraines from which I suffer. It turns up the dial from a liveable 4 to an unliveable 11. There are also the other health issues related to excessive sugar and carb intake that are so obvious as to not require description.

A couple of years ago I cut out all sugar and most carbs, and the migraines almost went away, plus I lost about 30lb in weight, which was all good. Recently though, I’ve drifted into the sweet tooth thing again, so about ten days ago I took myself in hand and cut out the sugar and carbs. Still going through withdrawal, and getting about three or four migraines a day (up from two or three a week) but I know that will pass, and I’ll begin to feel better.


It’s so boring!

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