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Beginner’s Luck -free download

Five stories that could be (and in two cases have been) developed into novels.

Free Amazon kindle download 7-11 August. Click here for UK link or click image for .com link. Give it a review too, if you like.

the shakers – free download

My first collection of short stories, probably the closest to my true writer’s ‘voice’ – urban literary fiction.

Free Amazon Kindle download 2-6 August.

Click here for UK amazon or click image for USA amazon link:

3 Coffees


I drafted a short story called 3 Coffees at the beginning of February, then forgot all about it. Only when I was flicking through a folder on my laptop and I came across it did I recall writing it, otherwise it might have disappeared forever.

I’m going to leave it to marinate for two or three months, come back to it completely fresh, maybe May/June, see if it’s any good.




A short story of mine, Bones, is featured on this site.

Not sure about the artwork, seems like it was created by someone who didn’t read the story. Either way, feel free to read it there, maybe comment.