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While musing on the impending collapse of the Western Hemisphere, Lishman said to me, “I just had an ancestral memory, that I’m from hunter-warrior stock.”

I said, “You’re not tall and blonde by accident.”



I live 800 yards from the North Sea, and though I can’t get away with sunbathing, don’t really see the point of just lying there, I do like walking along the beach and the coastal path.

And if it’s sunny, so much the better.



Apparently my cloud is almost full and Apple want me to pay for more space. My phone has about 3000 photographs on it, and most of them are of my dog, so I can’t delete them, I love him too much. But I aint paying for more cloud.

So I’ve instituted a new procedure – one in, one out.

On a linked topic, this is my last iPhone. I’ve only owned two, the first was a 5 and this is a 12. I’m not massively obsessed with new tech (I used a 3310 for a couple of years in between), and as I’ve noted previously, phones shrink the world – and not in a good way.

Nor do I have the urge to merge with my tech: real life is far more fun.

Angus, whose photographs occupy 90% of my cloud.



fair weather friend


Walked to the beach a couple of hours ago. It was already busy, lots of people on the sand, lots more on the prom, and my usual cafe was packed, with a long queue outside.

When you live by the sea you tend to think of the beach as your own special place, because for ten months of the year it’s mostly deserted. But midsummer, it belongs to the crowd.

I might go into the garden with a bottle of wine, but not til later in the afternoon.

Mad dogs… etc.


roots and branches


I was flicking through some of my books on Amazon and on the right hand side of the page, below a green sign saying Read Now, it said, You Own This.

I do, I thought. It’s all mine. I made it.







But really, if I look down, my feet are standing on the shoulders of three people: my mother, who taught me to read; my gran, who showed me how to love books; and my dad, who forced me to seek shelter in my imagination.

Plus whoever’s DNA gifted me this operating system.



Harm’s Way


Busy developing the story for Harm’s Way, the third and final part of the Jago trilogy.

I think the central thrust of the story is that these people have a purpose. There’s no fat, no excess, in their lives. They each have an active role to play in the continued existence of their people. They each are engaged in their own, ongoing struggle to survive, within which confines they attempt to contribute to the greater good.

And somewhere below that are the demons that they carry – Jesse’s childhood trauma, Johnny’s dark past, and in the case of Mother Harm, the ruthless nature that means she bonds with some for life, while others she can she can walk away from, as if they don’t exist.

“She’s wilful,’ Dakota explained. But that doesn’t get halfway towards her true nature.

I’m looking forward to writing this.




“Love the humble art you have learned, and take rest in it.”

Marcus Aurelius.





One of the great things about a VPN is that the adverts are in the language of whichever country you’re faking your address from. I’ve just had an advert for Foxy Bingo in Danish.

Haven’t been to Denmark in decades, and I’ve never been to a Foxy Bingo.

Those algorithms – working as well as ever.

see what you’re doing…

Kate Bush is having something of a resurgence of late. Got me playing her first album and, apart from the hits, there are a couple of blindingly good love songs on there. L’amour Looks Something Like You is giddy and funny and sweet, while¬†Feel It has one of the greatest ever lines in a song, something you might say once or twice in a lifetime, and mean it.



Gun Jesus


I’m almost finished Gun Jesus.

It hasn’t turned out the way I expected, but that’s a good thing, means the story took on its own life rather than adhered to my initial plan.

Should be out mid-July.