Rapunzel has posted a couple of new stories for me. They’re just essays, calisthenics, I guess, to get me warmed up for my summer of writing. I’m going to try and finish the gods. I want to know what happens with Astel, a character who hasn’t even appeared yet, though she’s featured in the short story Aphrodite. When I think of Astel, how she looks, how she dances, the shape of her hips against her skirts, her caramel skin, I just smile and go, yeah, she’ll do.

People who don’t get my stories say they lack plot, or they don’t really get the point, or the conclusion is missing or something. What they want is an answer. They want a punchline. A moral. They want fucking adverbs. But I like feelings; I like moments; I enjoy those clouded insights; the economy of fragments.

I love how we try to connect and usually we get it wrong and then sometimes we get it right. So that’s what I write about.

All my stories can be summed up in one word – wha?