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Beginner’s Luck


I collated Beginner’s Luck a good few years ago. The premise was: 5 short stories that might become novels.

One or two have.

This one hasn’t, and it’ll be a novella at best, but at some point I’ll complete it.



Beginner’s Luck – free kindle download

A bunch of stories that are complete in themselves but might, and in a couple of cases have, become novels.

Free Kindle download 15-19 April. Click the image for link:

Beginner’s Luck -free download

Five stories that could be (and in two cases have been) developed into novels.

Free Amazon kindle download 7-11 August. Click here for UK link or click image for .com link. Give it a review too, if you like.

free download

Beginner’s Luck – a collection of short stories that may eventually become novels. Free download from 30th July – 3rd August. Click image for Amazon link.


Beginner’s Luck: free download

5 short stories that might lead to novels: click image for link to free download, 16-20 February.

(Give it a review too).