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all of the books

Ian works part-time as a DJ. He doesn’t have any vinyl or CDs or anything, everything is stored on a hard drive. ‘It’s got all the tunes,’ he said.

All of the tunes?’ I said.

‘All of them.’

Which made me think, what I want is a kindle with all of the books. All of them.


I don’t do FB or twitter, or any other social medium. I don’t subscribe to netflix or watch any other TV channel. I rarely watch movies. I don’t do apps, my phone display is monochrome, and I still use email to communicate. I’ve even been known to write letters.

Books are my main thing. And youtube podcasts – though as soon as I find a decent talk radio station I can keep on all the time without having to think about it, I’ll ditch youtube too.

That’s about it.