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weapon of choice

Still on the topic of busking. For me, one of the greatest things about sax is its portability. It’s loud and it sounds great and you can carry it on your back. But I’m thinking of moving from alto, which is small, to soprano, which is smaller. It also sounds gorgeous.

Thing is, I’ve had this discussion with myself a few times over the last three or four years. But I’m definitely moving.

From this:






To this:


Steve Lacy

I asked my girl Ruthie to do a taste test of my three favourite soprano saxophonists, to see which one she liked best.

So I started with Froy Aagre, who has been playing some wonderful choral stuff the last few years.

Then I then played some Branford Marsalis, who I think is probably the best ever technician of soprano sax, and who plays the most wonderful melodies.

Followed, finally, by Steve Lacy, who carried a lone flag for soprano sax for many many years.

‘That one’ she said, as soon as I began playing Steve Lacy, adding, ‘he’s got more.’

And she’s right. He’s got more.