I first heard Free Jazz many years ago and I didn’t get it.

I played it tonight and it clicked.

It’s the sound of every conversation in an apartment block, all heard at once, at something like half nine on a sultry July evening: people on the step, cracking cans, people inside
watching TV, in the basement doing their laundry, traffic, some kid playing scales, football on the radio, nursery rhymes, plumbing, the whistle of a kettle boiling, a dog barks, lovers having a row, police sirens, lovers making up, old people breathing, a shift worker’s alarm clock going off…

I do love it, suddenly, like I just realised that girl I rejected when I was young was not only the loveliest but also the nicest and the most good person I’d ever met, and she’s just called and wants to meet up.

…I’ve gone all Kerouac. Better stop

I blame the wine.