I injured my leg about eighteen months ago and though it has improved, it isn’t halfway back to where it was before the injury. I think, to be honest, it was caused by a back issue, and the subsequent lack of walking and training meant the muscle wasted to the point where it created the knee problem that I currently have.

The back issue was caused by two things:

1. Poor body mechanics. My way of walking was really poor and inefficient. I slouch, I’m a bit flat-footed, and I over-extend forwards when I step. Think Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Walking more just meant those bad habits got worse and worse, and kind of like a game of jenga, where you’re only as strong as your weakest piece, I’d built a whole fitness regime on poor fundamentals.

2. The reverse punch from a hands-down no-guard position, as exemplified by Dennis Jones. He’s a combat guru and his punch is a sort of street-appropriate version of the classic gyakuzuki. See it here at about 5.10. A big part of my exercise routine is on the bag or shadowboxing, and I began to practice this technique a couple of years ago.

Problem is, my body-mechanics were poor to start with, as he discusses in the video, so the torque that that technique puts on your pelvis just sort of threw me over the edge. Throw in a couple of long, fast route marches with my pal Wilson and my leg locked up from my hip to my knee, and then my back got screwed. Then my knee stopped working properly.

The answer has been to methodically repair every part of my walking gait, my stance, my posture and everything else. I’m even in the process of building a standing-up desk. Things are beginning to improve. I’m walking daily, the knee pain is rare and the back pain is fading.

The trick will be to adhere to the healthy options I’ve adopted, not to revert to bad habits.