I don’t use FB.

When I did use it, for two or three short and one extended period of time, I found it addictive and demanding – the clamour for my attention was relentless and unlike YouTube, for example, there is no benefit, there is no entertainment, no reward, no information to be gathered (save for the continuous virtue-warrior cultural propaganda output – of limited use to a libertarian like me) and nothing to do except write inane stuff and post pictures of my dog. Unlike some people I know, I can’t simply use it as a viewing platform. I’m either on it, or off , and I prefer off.

I tried Twitter once, for a couple of weeks, and that was worse. Twitter does have the ability to notify the user of breaking news, but nothing I can’t get online anyway, and without the constant chirrup of notifications and unwelcome stimuli. Twitter exists to promote users of twitter, and to promote twitter itself; any useful information received is secondary, a byproduct.

I recently tried netflix, a pal loaned me his login, and I enjoyed The Punisher, got through all thirteen episodes in less than a week, hardly binge-watching, but that’s all I could manage.

All the major online programmes – FB, YT, Twitter and the rest – reduce us to an algorithm, a digital entity, a being comprised of of zeroes and ones, We become a binary construct with increasingly predictable binary responses. Our world is reduced to a bubble of predicted interests and suggestions;  the possibility of novelty or fresh ideas recedes geometrically.

Digital is extremely useful, I can see that, but I’m drawn increasingly back toward analogue. I wear a wristwatch, carry a brick phone for emergencies and read novels for entertainment. I listen to podcasts. I write.

That’s about it.