After 8 days of around 98% non-online activity (which means everything, apart from this journal), I decided to maybe rethink it.

Should I abstain for one month a year, or maybe one week a month or, as my girl says, should I just generally be ‘moderate’ in my consumption of the internet? In fact, she says I should be moderate in my consumption of everything, though I’m not sure sure moderate is in my vocabulary of available behaviours.

Anyhow, as I pondered this, I realised I hadn’t been on netflix for over a month. I don’t subscribe, but someone I know does, and he’s got me down as a user. There are a couple of programmes I enjoy, but I have no inclination to switch back on.

No netflix, then. No Amazon or Disney, or any other subscription channel either. As for terrestrial TV, I stopped watching it years ago.

I need to think about rebuilding my overall¬†media consumption in a way that is equitable, and beneficial, to me. ¬†If I was applying for government funding for doing liberal-arts type nonsense, I’d say I needed funding to curate my media consumption.


As always in this sort of situation, I’ll begin by writing a list.