As part of my move towards an Urban Pastoral lifestyle, I’ve been cycling a lot lately.

It’s partially due to the lockdown and partially due to the fact that my dodgy knee doesn’t like walking too far. I was going to upgrade to an all-steel rigid framed MTB but for now I’ve gone ahead and ordered rigid forks for my doughty old Sterndale.

I tried to get used to the front suspension forks but as I don’t ride mountains they’re a bit unnecessary and I tend to ride it with them locked out, so they’re just an extra weight. Be two or three weeks before they arrive but I’m looking forward to getting it done.

My long-term cycling plan is to make cycling my main daily mode of transport and, when the lockdown ends, I’m going to start doing my trips again trips. Beginning with the Forth-Clyde canal, then a tour of Galloway to follow. Plus Northumberland, of course.