Today, I came across the venerable genius David Crosby on a tiny desk concert, playing with The Lighthouse Band. Really enjoyed it, the harmonies, as you would expect, were glorious. He even sang Woodstock, written by his ex, Joni Mitchell.

But I can’t help but think the hippies blew it. Their message of peace, love and understanding was great, but the righteous student protestors of 1960s America never grasped that their message was built on freedoms won at the point of a bayonet, not given out automatically along with their degree certificates. The hippies were myopically self-indulgent* in way you can only be at time of great wealth and security.

I align with Johnny Rotten when it comes hippies.

But still, I love David Crosby’s music.



*Easy Rider, for example, is a mess of a movie. It’s as pointless, though admittedly iconic, as the un-rideable motorbikes they pose on. It’s ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ level bad, on Harleys, with a great soundtrack. ┬áIt’s only rescued by Jack Nicholson’s lightning-in-a-bottle performance as Hanson.