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I love text transformations and cultural mashups, and Bowie seems to be a favoured musician to transform. Here in A Knight’s Tale and here in Jojo Rabbit.

And if you haven’t yet seen JoJo Rabbit, you really must.



The Hunt

I watched The Hunt a few days ago and really enjoyed it.

It’s a satire of sorts, and gorier than I usually enjoy, but a really good convention-twisting film. Betty Gilpin proves that some of the best action movies have female leads, and I spotted Amy Madigan as apple-pie friendly ‘Ma’ – the last film I saw her was in Uncle Buck.

Some people seem a bit upset about the high concept aspect – rich liberals hunt conservative rednecks – but as I’m none of the above I just enjoyed the movie. Not the best movie I’ve seen year, that’d be JoJo Rabbit (though it’s a 2019 release), but one of my favourites so far.

I find myself watching more movies than usual ‘cos of the lockdown. I usually only watch a half-dozen a year. I think this year might be a binge year.