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I listened to Jordan Peterson talking to Stephen Fry this afternoon and it was a fascinating conversation. Afterwards I thought, I’m a pragmatic person, as described by Fry, not a theorist, I want to know what works, not what should work. But I’m in love with stories too, like Peterson. As I’ve noted before, fiction is reality.


Ninety minutes in, I had to stop listening.

Because I was struck by the thought that while our greatest minds are grappling with the gordian knot of what everything means, and if there is such a thing as truth or reality, and while our elite fight amongst each other to invert society to their own satisfaction, there are baser, simpler cultures out there who are busy sharpening their blades.

I was reminded that, after the Romans left Britain and the crude, violent Saxons arrived, they expelled the civilised Britons. And while Londinium still contained stone-built palaces with baths and glazed tiles and central heating, the Saxons ignored these luxuries and continued, for the next five hundred years, to build and live in their rough-hewn wooden lodges.

Progress aint guaranteed.

It needs to be backed up with bayonets, wielded by rough men.



I’m a bit addicted to the news and commentary channels on Youtube, a huge fan of Joe Rogan, JBP and Tim Pool amongst others, but I’m also aware of the huge market share that YT has. In fact it is the market, just about.

So in the spirit of free market enterprise, and in a tiny act of resistance against the overweening influence of the tech giants, the Standard Oil of the 21st Century, I’ve broadened out my online viewing to include minds.com and bitchute.  I won’t completely shake the YT habit but I’m hoping to cut it by a half at least – I’m looking for other video-sharing sites too, so if you know any that I’ve missed, contact me and let me know.