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London Rain – giveaway

I’ve got 1 copy left of my novella London Rain, featuring Julien Trent – free-climber, thief, and sometimes secret service operative.

Answer this question to get the final free copy.  “What was the name of the first man to climb the Burj Khalifa?”

London Rain – giveaway

Between 12-15 December I’m giving away 3 copies of my novella London Rain, featuring Julien Trent – free-climber, thief, and sometimes secret service operative.

I’ll post a copy of the book to the first 3 people to contact me with the correct answer to the question:

“What was the name of the first man to climb the Burj Khalifa?”

London Rain – free download

Julien Trent, thief, free-climber, and former paratrooper with the Légion étrangère, finds himself working for the government again when the new Home Secretary green-lights the reformation of the RAIN unit.

RAIN is a clandestine ‘asymmetric investigation’ team led by Dr. Madeline Perfect, tasked with taking down otherwise untouchable criminals and doing the dirty jobs that the legitimate government departments leave well alone.

But Julien has his own life, his own plans, and his own desires, and he increasingly comes to understand that his role is more akin to a well-trained service dog than a spy. Scattered with moments of tender reflection and episodes of shocking ultra-violence, London RAIN is a story of intrigue, crime and, crucially, trust.


Free kindle download 1-5 September. Click image for link:



I’ve almost completed the edit of London Rain.  It should be available in a week or so. It’s a short novel and it’s quite open-ended. The idea is to present you with a character and situation that, when the story and the various plots are ended, makes you think, hmm, I wonder what happens next?

I probably need to do one more deep dive into the actual text, I can probably chop out a few more things to make it a little lighter.

More to follow.

London Rain

I finished the first of the Julien Trent novella series – London Rain. It’s just a first draft so might change quite a bit but I’m content with the general thrust of the story. I like the idea of creating subversively generic characters and I’m becoming happier with genre fiction, and this is a combination of both.

The plot of London Rain is straightforward, but the presentation is, I hope, less obvious, less direct.

I might try and make the next one a bit more high concept.

Trent #1

I’m 2 chapters short of completing the draft one of the first Julien Trent novella. He’s a free-climber, a thief, and a civil servant, of sorts. Not sure of the title yet, but I know how it’s going to end. In total it’ll be maybe 60 pages in length and will hopefully be part of a series of 7. Equivalent to one 400 page book or thereabouts.

I’m aiming for tone and character rather than plot complexity. Each book will be a one-shot narrative, the extra details will reveal more about the characters than they do the specific storyline.

I’ll get the penultimate chapter done today.

Julien Trent

Amongst my other duties, I’ve been using the lockdown time to work on my new thing, and have got to page 14 of the first draft. That’s not a huge number, but the plan is to write series of novellas of perhaps 80-100 pages max (and create a series of 7 books) so 14 pages is a good chunk of the first book.

I’ve planned it in detail too, so it won’t need much restructuring.

It’s turning out darker than I expected, more downbeat, so I’ll need to steer against that current a little, but I’m pleased with it.

Being a series, I won’t need to explain everything in the first story, I can let it develop. Metaphorically, it’s a 7-part, 30-minute TV series, not a single 120 minute movie. The protagonist is a free-climber and professional thief called Julien Trent.

writing as therapy

I found myself a bit listless the last two or three weeks. A bit grumpy. Unfocused.  My plans for a writing-free 2020 may have to be abandoned.

I realised that I’m not a happy person if I don’t put pen to paper. And I have some good ideas I need to get started.

Julien Trent calls.