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see what you’re doing…

Kate Bush is having something of a resurgence of late. Got me playing her first album and, apart from the hits, there are a couple of blindingly good love songs on there. L’amour Looks Something Like You is giddy and funny and sweet, while¬†Feel It has one of the greatest ever lines in a song, something you might say once or twice in a lifetime, and mean it.



In Bb

I’m amazed that the In Bb project is still going. Every time you engage, the music is different.

In internet terms, the site is archaic, but it’s magical too, and it points to a time when the internet still had unlimited potential, when it was one vast frontier, when our approach to this digital New World was still analogue.

And while I’m talking of Bb, here’s a tune that has ‘In Bb’ in the lyrics.