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I saw this play on late-night TV years ago, and it stunned me. I was a kid, watching these adults torment each other, and I thought, is that what relationships are all about? I never managed to catch it again, couldn’t even remember the title for long enough, but when I did, I discovered there was barely any info on IMDB, and it wasn’t available to download or buy.

This morning I came across an updated version, still from 2007, so that’s a while ago, I guess, and I chased down the writer to discover there’s a book/script available. Which, in the absence of a performance, I immedately bought.

I doubt it will recapture the visceral impact of watching it late one night when I was a young teen, but I might be able to decipher the text a little better now. I’m interested in how I might see it now, compared to how I saw it then. The most recent version had mixed reviews, so I’m looking forward to it.


Another strange late-night rerun I watched was a TV play called Treats that featured John Hurt, Tom Conti and Kate Nelligan. It was a stark portrayal of an emotionally abusive relationship and the attempt of one partner to break free.

I can’t find it online and there’s zero information on IMDB, save the casting, but I might be able to track it down on amazon or somewhere.