I’m left-handed, and that can be a bit of a minor disability in some ways, but it gives you a different and often enlightening perspective. I’d been asked to play some guitar for a party (don’t think I will, I’m too rusty), but I thought, if I did, I’d want to play sitting down, stage left.

But then I thought, that’s Fripp’s place, Robert Fripp being the only well-known guitarist who always plays sitting down, and he always sits stage left. So I can’t do that.

But for a lefty, stage left is a great place to be, you can look across the stage and see everything properly. Stage right is somehow wrong, it feels a bit clouded. Then I thought, I wonder if Fripp is left-handed, so I googled it, and it turns out he is.

When he began playing guitar he was, as he admits, left-handed, tone-deaf, and with no sense of rhythm. He even said that his first guitar was so bad it crippled his nascent technique, but added that ‘the music will out.’

Fripp has produced some of the most interesting and original rock guitar music ever. I think he employed his limitations, he made them work for him.

This reminds me of an old friend.