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Today I read Once Upon a Time in the North, Philip Pullman’s novella about the early days of Lee Scoresby.

After three weeks labouring over a really bad genre novel that I eventually abandoned, it was great to find an actual story, written from someone’s imagination.


(when I say labouring over really bad novel, I mean in the sense of reading it, not writing it).


About five years ago I was watching The Fault in Our Stars on an aeroplane. I reached the bit where Gus calls Hazel, and he’s breaking down because he’s realised he’s dying, and I couldn’t watch any more.

5 years have passed and I still can’t get through it.

I tried the book.



Today I watched the episode of His Dark Materials where Lee Scoresby dies.


Couldn’t watch that either.

I have read the book, and that scene broke my heart. I couldn’t go through Lee and Hester’s death twice.