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look around

I worked a day job for a long time, and it was good fun, plus it paid the rent, but it kept me distanced from the things I loved. Recently however, I’ve been transitioning away from the whole concept of ‘day job’ and toward a lifestyle that nourish my soul.

The shift has twisted my head a little, but it’s mainly about adjusting my perception; recalibrating.

I’m pretty much where I want to be, just got to stop, open my eyes, and see that everything I need is at hand.


You can divide people into herders and farmers.

Herders are nomadic, volatile, restless: the campfire and the trek. Farmers are grounded, stable and enduring: the hearth and home. Neither is better or worse, both are complimentary, and most people are some mix of both.

Which would you choose, if you could?