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18 days


As an exercise, I planned to complete a draft of a short novel within a calendar month – September.  I began on the 1st and completed the draft it on 18th, so I had twelve days left. It’s about 25,000 words in total, and it’s quite sweet, but it needs editing. I’m going to put it away until next year.

What I’ve learned from the experience is that rushing into the work like this – doing the whole 30-day draft thing – severely narrows perspective. I like to let a story breathe as I write. I like to be able sit back and think.

However, if I want to force something through, if it needs writing, so long as I can go back and edit at a later date, it’s a viable route.



I decided to try and draft a short novel, from start to finish, within a calendar month. I’d heard of this approach but never attempted it. Halfway through the month and I’m 21k words in.

It’s turning out slightly different to what I’d planned, but they always do.


Mallory’s Tower


The current thing – title above – is designed to be short and sweet, in four acts. I’m approaching the quarter-way mark and it’s flowing nicely. Not quite sure what the mcguffin is yet, but I know where it is, and I know where the emotional punch is too. But we’ll see. The general rule is, if you describe it, you don’t write it, so I’ll say no more for the moment.