I realise that I judge a cafe on the following things – in order:

  1. Free parking
  2. Good wifi
  3. Easy to find a seat
  4. Cheap coffee

Nowhere on that list does ‘good coffee’ appear. Crappy wifi is the deal-breaker. So, I’m in the Metty, Gateshead and here are the Cafes I’ve tried today:

  1. Waterstones. Crap wifi. Left after ten minutes.
  2. Costa. Has good Wifi but there were no decent seats and a massive queue, so I left before I got served.
  3. MaccyDs, got served by Noor in about two minutes, found a seat, great Wifi, but full of loud youth. Got to bail.

If I could get the seating of MaccyDs, and the wifi of Costa, I’d be set. As it is, I’m in M&S. Crap coffee, not cheap, but quiet and good Wifi.