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Probably my favourite album of all time is one that I borrowed from Johnno, by a guy I’d never heard of called Mike Nock. It’s called Ondas. It’s purely instrumental; piano, bass and drums, and it’s uplifting, melancholy, strange and rather beautiful.

Turns out that Mike Nock is a top jazz musician, from Australia, and he’s got a website: http://www.mikenock.com/

I don’t always get jazz, but some albums really stand our for me, Ondas, like I said, and The Shape of Jazz To Come by Ornette Coleman (why do jazz musicians have such cool names?) and I love Steve Lacy’s take on Thelonious Monk compositions.

Of the more contemporary jazz music, I’m still obsessed with Nico by Acoustic Ladyland, which is about three years old now, from the excellent Last Chance Disco album. And I’m a bit keen on Nitin Sawhney’s work too.