After listening to an episode of Modern Wisdom I thought I’d do a test* and find out if I’m a narcissist. There’s strain in my family of entitled, self-obsessed ¬†narcissists, and I got a bit worried that was me too.

So I scoped out the proper test, as recommended by the psychology professor on the podcast and answered all 40 questions (which wasn’t easy as the binary choices often needed a middle box to tick, to my way of thinking. But then I’m not a psychology professor, so what do I know?).

Anyhow, I did the questions and clicked for my score. The higher the number the more narcissistic you are. I got 4 out of 40.¬†Which for someone whose lifestyle involves communicating from behind a blank sheet of paper, should come as no surprise. It turns out that I’m not quite the charismatic, entitled, callous show-off that I feared.



*I once tried a couple of tests for autism. I’m not on the spectrum.

*Also, on a teachers’ training course, I once did a test for dyslexia. Which, it turns out, I have. But whatever the test tells me in theory, in practice, I don’t.