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Living up here it’s dark in the winter, maybe not Scandinavian dark, not Finland dark, but we’re on a level with Moscow and Newfoundland, so the winter nights are long. 

I like it, I like the cosy blanket of night, I like leaving the house to come here and write while it’s still dark and, an hour later, the sky is only showing the faintest blue – it’s close to seven, it’s close to March and it’s dark outside.

I couldn’t live in a warm place, a summer place. I like the warmth of cold, darkness. If I could choose to be the wolf Skoll, chasing the sun, or the wolf Hati, chasing the moon, it’d be the moon every time.

Wolf Moon

Tonight is the Wolf Moon – the first full moon of the year. The wind is huge tonight too.

So I’ll be walking down to the beach to enjoy the tidal surge, the windstorm and mother moon watching over me. Think I’ll take my dog Angus, too.

Better get wrapped up.