I realised a while ago that if you recognise something isn’t working and you’ve given it enough effort but it’s still not working, then you should stop. Bail. Lose. End it. Don’t throw more time and effort at something that just isn’t going to work.

So I sold Junko, my soprano sax. She was a contrary, wilful little thing, the most contrary and wilful soprano sax I’ve owned, she was hard work and it wasn’t getting any better, so I’ve sold her.

It makes me sad, cos playing soprano sax is part of my plan, and for the moment I don’t have one. I think when I have some free time I’m going to go on a trip and try out a whole lot of them, see which one works for me. I had a soprano a while back that cost a third of what Junko costs new, with a mouthpiece that cost a quarter of the price of my Morgan Fry mouthpiece, and it worked much better. So, within reason, price is not the issue, it’s about suitability.

Both Junko the the MF mouthpiece are quality tools, but they weren’t right for me.