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Going up to Cresswell in the morning. Going to cycle up the coast a bit and then cycle back. Temperature is around 3-5 degrees. It’s a trial run for some longer expeditions in the future.

two wheels good

I injured my leg last year and my usual walking jaunts have had to end, but I’ve recently discovered the joy of cycling. Got a couple of routes planned for October. The first is up the Northumberland coast, tracking the beaches as close as possible. The second is the Forth/Clyde canal.

Both about 70 miles return.


old iron


North of Boulmer, someone creates bird sculptures out of scrap metal and old tools.

I found this one on Saturday, and I spotted the owl the following day on the way back. The wall the owl sits on had collapsed so I didn’t notice it at first.

There are no captions, no artist’s name, nothing to identify who made them.