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Die Hard


After reading Nothing Lasts Forever, I thought I’d go back and watch Die Hard, the movie based on the book. It wasn’t a critical success when it came out in 1987 but it’s a cracking movie. The characters are great, the Christmas-references are entertaining, and structurally it is sweet, all the plot threads are woven into a satisfying ending.

Bruce Willis is fantastic in this movie, and though each subsequent iteration, especially beyond the 3rd one, became increasingly weaker, this is the original version of the “John McClane fights bad guys” franchise and it’s sooo entertaining.

A proper movie.


now I have a machine gun – ho ho ho


I finished The Detective, by Roderick Thorp.

It was written in 1964, barely pre-counter culture, and that era really is a different world. The social mores, the grappling with morality, is almost unrecognisable to me. I’m not convinced that the dismantling of that world has improved anything. We’re different, not necessarily better.

So now I’ve begun the follow-up novel, Nothing Lasts Forever. And in answer to the perennial question, the first chapter has the subtitle December 24th, which, as the source material for the movie, proves that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.