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The first in the Mark Barrett series, NQA is on free kindle download from tomorrow ’til Thursday.

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.50 Cal – free download

.50 Cal, the second of the action-thriller novels featuring Mark Barrett, the disgraced-Army-pilot-turned-courier who works in “that grey area between almost and legal” is on free Kindle download from 7-11 July.

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NQA – free download

There first of the Mark Barrett action/thriller novels, NQA is on free Amazon download from Monday to Friday this week.

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.50 Cal

The follow-up to NQA sees disgraced army helicopter pilot Mark Barrett reliving a three-day battle in Afghanistan, while attempting to rescue a fellow soldier from life on the street, all the while avoiding the not-so tender caresses of a Russian oligarch who suspects him of delivering more than a ‘Rubens of dubious provenance’ to his gorgeous young wife.

Yes, it’s that sort of novel.

Available in print and on kindle. Click image for link:

NQA – free download

The first of the Mark Barrett action/thriller novels, NQA, is on free kindle download for the first five days in December.

Click the image or user this link (or go to Amazon and search for NQA by James Ross).



Mark Barrett series

The Mark Barrett series feature the eponymous disgraced former Army pilot turned courier, working in ‘that grey area between almost and legal.’  They are:


.50 Cal

Gun Jesus  (due for release Christmas 2020)


Or you can go to this page 0n this site:


In keeping with the high-concept action-thriller genre, and in line with the character’s surname, which is Barrett, I was going to call the follow-up to NQA .50 cal.

Lucas did me a cover.

Then I changed my mind and, because of the geography of where most of the action takes place, I thought I’d call it The Silk Road.

Lucas re-did the cover.

Now I’m not sure. Either way it will be out before Christmas, with one title or another – apart from anything else, it’s my Christmas gift to the brekky club, so it has to be ready.




NQA – free download ’til Thursday

My first high-concept novel NQA – featuring disgraced former army chopper pilot, Mark Barrett – is on free download ’til the 5th September.

Click the image for link or search NQA by James Ross.


I like to work on different things at the same time, or at least allow things to overlap.

Currently, DN1 is being considered by an indie publisher that I really like the look of, and while I’m waiting for a decision on that I’ve gone back to editing Jago. Once I’ve completed the edit of Jago I’ll complete the final edit of .50 Cal, the follow up to NQA, which is primarily a Christmas 2019 present for my pals, and if a decent book comes out of it, so much the better.

By the end of 2019 I will have:

  • Completed .50 cal
  • Redrafted Jago (after which it will need another two redrafts)
  • Hopefully, had DN1 published by the indie publishing company

And by the very beginning of 2020 I should have completed the final draft of Shoreline Gold. What happens with that depends a little on what happens with DN1.


NQA – free download

Mark Barrett, is owner and sole employee of NQA Courier Services. Delivering packages across Europe, he works in that grey area somewhere between almost and legal.

After a date with a beautiful woman goes badly wrong he ends up in the police cells. The following morning his bail is paid by disgraced EU Commissioner Jack Maundy, who offers him a job: to hand-deliver three packages to three people in three European cities in five days. The packages are Maundy’s insurance policy, in advance of his going to trial on charges of embezzling 81 billion Euros.

An easy job, Maundy tells Mark, but one that needs doing quickly. What could go wrong?

Free download 9-13 September – click image for link: