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I had a spear.

Sharper than a blade in a wolf’s mouth.

They called her Trembler, Shivvr, a scream of steel, sharper than fate. None could stand.


I laughed.

And called her Willow. Her birth-wood, see? Nothing sacred, Dvalin-made;

a widows’ wail flung a mile.


And we hunted together.

Til the Wolf escaped the dagger.



I chase the moon.

Hunt: night after night, following the cinders scent and the cool starlight and the desire that burns. No one can stop me. I chase it forever.

One day I will catch and devour the moon. The end times. The one-eyed god will die. They call me Hate, but they are wrong. I am Hunger. I am Desire.

For what I can’t have.

For what I will have.