While listening to Tim Pool on Youtube tonight an advert kicked in. I was too busy for a few moments to click it back to the podcast and then another advert came on, some really horrendous soft-rock/travelogue thing for a product I didn’t catch.

And I had a Facebook* moment.

I suddenly realised that while I really enjoy a lot of the channels on YouTube, I really dislike YT as a medium.

It has a near-monopoly in the file-sharing market and it offers a huge range of channels, but now, just like happened with Facebook, turning on YT makes me shudder. I don’t like the feel of it.

I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch much Netflix either, though I do try, because it all feels like the same, glossy, dark-edged tripe. Movies are mostly unwatchable.┬áBut alternatives are out there. I have simple tastes, I like podcasts, background chatter while I do other stuff. I will investigate and move across.



*I really hate Facebook, came off it almost as soon as I went on it, but I feel same about nearly all social media**. As someone said, if you’re looking for human connection, the internet is a desert.


** this blog is just me talking to myself. It’s my outtakes.