Was busking in Durham with the Brothers last night and it was one long party. Ended up with a bunch of chavs, a load of dressed-up girls having a night out, and a dozen Royal Marines in party-dresses dancing like dervishes and cossacks in the market square.

Great fun.

Sadly, about ten o’clock the cops arrived mob-handed and made a beeline for the be-frocked Marines, and arrested them all. Dunno why. I have to believe it was something they’d done earlier, otherwise there’d be no sense in arresting them. Sure they were rowdy, and sure, they were dancing like maniacs, but then so was everyone else.

It was all a bit surreal – young fit men in party-dresses, handcuffed and led away to the cop vans. These lads man the walls of our society, they’re generous and friendly and absolutely necessary, and unless they’d done something serious earlier in the night, I think the polis should have cut them some slack.