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I finished reading¬†Saturday Night and Sunday Morning yesterday. It’s a fantastic novel,¬†a snapshot of ordinary life in the 1950s, and if you want to know about the working class, how they think, and what they think, it’s still pretty accurate.

I was chatting to Lishman this morning and he said, re that novel, a lot of people talked like Arthur but acted like Jack.

Which is a very Arthur thing to say.

Whatever people say I am, I’m not

I began reading the second of my Christmas present ‘kitchen sink’ novels, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning yesterday.

It is so readable.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this book. Arthur Seaton is one of the most gripping characters I’ve ever read, he’s a rude, obnoxious, sensitive, kind, hard-working, philandering, don’t-give-a-fuck character who just shouts from the page.

It’s a brilliant novel and the movie is excellent too. I must have quoted the line, ‘all the rest is propaganda’ a half dozen times in my writing.



Might have to re-read The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and A Kestrel for a Knave too.

…and The L Shaped Room.

…and Man at the Top.

…and Up The Junction.

Shit, I forgot how many great stories came from that time.