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Blast #2

It’s hard to show from a distance just how bleak Seaham Blast is. The entire beach is two metres deep of coal and iron-ore slag that was dropped from the foundry and the pit that used to sit on the cliff tops.

It’s so otherworldly they used it as a landscape in Alien 3.








The coastline is littered with things like this wall – a stone windbreak as reimagined by some wealthy creative type. My pal Wilson hates ‘public art’ but I think this is quite pretty.








And this tree trunk is 350 million years old. If you believe the Abrahamic religions you might disagree, but you’d be wrong.

The Blast

Think I’ll drive down to Nose’s Point this morning, take a walk along the top of the Blast. See if I can get as far as Hawthorn Dene, though I doubt I’ll get that far.

The Blast is a strange place, I believe they used parts of it to film the landscape for Alien 3, but I won’t be scrambling down the bank to get to it. It also features in Dealer No. 1, when Mickey’s dad threatens to murder a city councillor who is trying to blackmail him.

I’ll try and get some photographs.