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It’s March and there’s a whiteout and I love it. I kicked snow all over my pooch so he tried to bite me then ran back indoors. He’s not fazed at all by the whitestuff, must be his border heritage, and when we went out last night he trotted through it like it wasn’t there.

I’m taking advantage of these snow days, knowing I won’t get a call from the day job, to rid myself of lots of stuff. Declutter. Lighten my load. Clear the path. I reckon if I haven’t used something in six months, and have no plans to use it in future, then I can safely rid myself of it’s weight and bearing. And of its obligation.

Gandalf said ‘if a man can’t get rid of a treasure in times of need then he is in fetters’ – or something like that. And it’s absolutely true. Be careful the things you own don’t come to own you.

And that’s the first time I’ve quoted Ol√≥rin in twenty odd years of writing. It’s at least as long since I read LOTR too.

Rambling now. Time to go and dig out the path.


Even MaccyDs and the surrounding retail park looks lovely in the snow. It’s not heavy at the moment, but the wind is snappy and blowing the white stuff around a bit.