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A Mark Barrett Christmas fable.

Available for free download from now til Christmas Eve. Click image for link.


I released a couple of short novels in 2019/20. Never looked at them since. But yesterday I had a glance at them.

Spenderella is a surprisingly good. It’s slight, a self-described Christmas fable, featuring my action hero Mark Barrett in an unusually romantic setting – Prague at Christmas.

London Rain features a whole new heroic character, Julien Trent, fee-climber, thief and sometime member of the Government-funded RAIN ‘asymetric investigation’ project.

Very pleased with them.


Gun Jesus

Finally finished the first draft of Gun Jesus, the third of the Mark Barrett action/adventure series. The fourth, if you include the Christmas-themed novella Spenderella.

I’ll put this one to bed for a while now. Let it sleep.

I’m hoping to complete one short thing before Christmas, then return to the two books I have marinating, of which this is one.

Spending spree

The new book seems to be going well. Could be cos it’s on a freebie, but still, it’s downloading much faster than I expected. I don’t know why. It’s a piece of fluff, not much more than an extended short-story, a novella at most, but barely that.

The story is sweet, and makes sense if you follow the series, but why it’s being downloaded so quickly, beyond the obvious, is beyond my ken.

The title is good, I guess.

Spenderella: A Christmas Fable – free download

Riley Spender is a Madame to the global elite – counting princes, presidents and pontiffs as her friends, her parties are international, infamous and invitation only. She’s rich, she’s successful and she has a black book the size of a medieval ledger. The press call her Spenderella – the poor girl who caught the heart of many, many princes, and has the jewellery, the lavish lifestyle and the tabloid profile to prove it.

And now she wants out.

She calls on Mark Barrett, an old friend, and her first love, to aid her escape – together they’ll cause the glamorous Spenderella to disappear and, in the reverse of the Cinderella fairy-tale, a thirty-something, single-mother will emerge to live quietly and anonymously in New England.

But what will this meeting of old flames mean for Mark’s self-image as a modern day Sir Galahad, and will past loves and old scars bear scrutiny?

Free Kindle download: 5-9 December. Click image for link.

you wait ages for a bus…

Some books come easy. Others don’t. Sometimes there’s a glut. I published four books this year, which sounds impressive, or incontinent, but is purely a matter of logistics.

In order of publication:

Jago came out in February. But I’d been working on it for four years, on and off (with about two and a half years off in the middle of that time).

London Rain came out at the end of August. It’s a novella, composed of five linked short-stories, and took me three months to write.

The Adventures of Border Bob came out about four days after London Rain. Different market, so that was ok. It was pretty much completed three years, ago but it took a long time to find an artist.

Spenderella I wrote as my Christmas present for the breakfast club, though they’ll laugh at it for being a love story. I began writing it in October last year and when I knew I couldn’t finish it in time for Christmas 2019, I left it. I restarted it September this year after I’d cleared the decks, and it took me a couple of months. So maybe four or five months altogether.


Next year I plan to complete one novel and one more book in the Border Bob series.

That’s it.


I finally completed* the first draft of Spenderella. I’d intended it to be a bittersweet, fool-me-twice love story in which the protagonist is abandoned by the girl he tries to help, the girl who broke his heart many years earlier.

That’s not how it turned out.

Which is fine. I like the new ending. It doesn’t have the emotional hammer-blow of the original idea but it has happy ending, of sorts.

I’ve been writing a lot of happy endings lately.


*Having said that – I know already that it needs a redraft.


Working on Spenderella, and the theme that is emerging is kintsugi – the art of precious scars.

The idea that you can take a broken thing and remake it even more beautiful.

It isn’t what I set out to write about, and it’s emerging slowly, but there’s something in that theme that is the spine of the story.


Been working on it, and I spent a good while wondering where the action was. Mark Barrett is, after all, an action hero.

Then I realised.

It’s a love story. A story of heartbreak that never heals.

Not really.


I’m setting aside October to edit of Jago, London Rain and, possibly, Stateless too.

That leaves November/December to complete my Mark Barrett Christmas story, Spenderella.