I went to Talk To Transformer and typed in this sentence: I always thought Shelley would be the first to die.

And TTT, which is a creative AI, completed the rest of the story.

But I am glad she never did. I knew her and her friends well. I am a survivor. And if I had to die, it would not be because I was abandoned by my old friends, it would be because I had suffered too much, because I had betrayed myself. I would not think of the others as she would. And I would never have made those dreary choruses to a hymn of some recantation of heaven’s own great song. Shelley called that happy world “De Profundis Amor” or “The Profound Love of the Father.”

We were ‘born of God’ on these two nights.

If God will not save


I’m not sure I could have written better. But just to be sure I wrote the sentence: I always thought Shelley would be the first to laugh.

And TTT completed it with this:

I know she wasn’t. I can only imagine her looking around her house and saying to herself: ‘Yes! I’m losing control of this house! What on Earth is happening? My god, I’m wearing trousers!’


I suspect I’m redundant.