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Border Bob


A couple of years I wrote a children’s book based on my own border terrier, Angus, called The Adventures of Border Bob. I was pleased with the end result, it sells well, and it’s had good reviews. Currently I’m working on a follow-up: Border Bob’s Christmas. There are five books planned in the Border Bob series. I think I’ll do one every couple of years.

you wait ages for a bus…

Some books come easy. Others don’t. Sometimes there’s a glut. I published four books this year, which sounds impressive, or incontinent, but is purely a matter of logistics.

In order of publication:

Jago came out in February. But I’d been working on it for four years, on and off (with about two and a half years off in the middle of that time).

London Rain came out at the end of August. It’s a novella, composed of five linked short-stories, and took me three months to write.

The Adventures of Border Bob came out about four days after London Rain. Different market, so that was ok. It was pretty much completed three years, ago but it took a long time to find an artist.

Spenderella I wrote as my Christmas present for the breakfast club, though they’ll laugh at it for being a love story. I began writing it in October last year and when I knew I couldn’t finish it in time for Christmas 2019, I left it. I restarted it September this year after I’d cleared the decks, and it took me a couple of months. So maybe four or five months altogether.


Next year I plan to complete one novel and one more book in the Border Bob series.

That’s it.