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When I started writing I quickly noticed there were a number of writers called James Ross. I considered swapping the order of my name to Ross James, but decided not to.

The other day I discovered a writer called James Ross who had written a novel called Heavenfield.

I’m also called James Ross and I wrote a novel called The Heaven Field. Notice the similarity. My novel came out first however, plus it’s better, in fact it’s fucking awesome in a compact, impressionist sort of way, plus it contains one of the best phrases I’ve ever written (clue: it’s toward the end), but the simple fact is, the world is full of writers called James Ross. One James Ross even contacted me and asked why I was doing better than him. I’m not; I’m just doing well as me.

But I get credited with stuff I haven’t written, and vice versa. Often. I’ve been described as American. I’ve been given incorrect biographical details. I have doppelgangers: I am a doppelganger. People conflate me with other James Rosses to create an uber James Ross.

It gets confusing.


The Heaven Field – free download

St. Claire has given up the dealing and the one-night stands; he’s renounced violence, dropped out of sight and moved up the coast. He’s living like a hermit, trying to be a good man again.

Kaska lives in a hope-free, dead-end town where the only growth industries are teenage pregnancy and low-level street disorder; she’s sixteen, a gifted artist and she’s dying by inches. She’s desperate to break free.

But as both St. Claire and Kaska discover, life gets in the way of the best-laid escape plans.


Free Kindle download 26-30 November.

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