When I wrote Dealer No. 1, I pitched it as “Billy Elliot meets Breaking Bad” which is cute, and accurate. The elevator doors haven’t closed, and you pretty much know the story.

Jago is a lot harder to pitch.

I mulled around The Searchers, Blood Meridian and Back to the Future amongst others (I try to use movies titles rather than books whenever possible, especially when talking to film-makers), but there was no attractive hook in there. It’s just not a high concept story. If you read it you’ll probably enjoy it and want to read the two other books in the series but, if asked, you might not be able to sum it up in a single paragraph. I did manage write a 1-page script synopsis, but only by virtue of leaving out most of the details of the story.

Jester is slightly easier to bracket, in that it’s an origin story, though I still have trouble with an actual pitch. If I come up with one, I’ll let you know.