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Beginner’s Luck


I collated Beginner’s Luck a good few years ago. The premise was: 5 short stories that might become novels.

One or two have.

This one hasn’t, and it’ll be a novella at best, but at some point I’ll complete it.




On my to-do list:

I’ve got a completed draft of my dystopian YA novel Jago ready for a final draft in 2020. Hope to have it in print by the Autumn. There’s an almost complete draft of Gun Jesus, the third Mark Barrett action/adventure book too.

And there are other completed drafts that I need to go back and work on at some time in the future, including The Portrait Artist, Sid Beckett’s War and the Mark Barrett novella, Spenderella.

And I need to re-edit my short-story collections.

But the two novels will do for the coming year.