My former colleague Chris got me into reading fantasy novels. Before then all I’d read was LOTR, which is more myth and philology than fantasy, but anyway, after that I was off: Joe Abercrombie, Garth Nix, Cassandra Clare, I’ve become a huge fan of all these worlds created by fantasy writers.

I don’t think I’m the target audience of the Shadowhunter stories, or the Abhorsen trilogy, though I probably am spot-on target audience for the various adventures in the First Law Universe┬ábut, whatever, if it’s a readable story I’m up for reading it.

I haven’t read the classics since my teens and I have no desire to return to Emma Woodhouse or Therese Raquin or Tom Joad, but between cheap thrillers and well-told fantasy fiction, with the occasionally history chucked in for a bit of spice, I’m good.

And yes, that last link was on purpose.

And no, no Pratchett. Not ever.