I watched Mary Poppins Returns yesterday and loved it, spent half the movie in tears. Although I love the original, I think Emily blunt is a better Poppins than Julie Andrews; she’s a chillier, deeper, more accurate portrayal of the magical, precise and deservedly vain Miss Poppins. Lin-Manuel Miranda was great as Jack, former apprentice to Bert from the original story, an ordinary bloke with one foot in the magical world.

I won’t simply list the actors though, they were all very watchable, it was the representation of magic, and of children’s imaginations (of which Mary Poppins is either a figment or a spur) that was so lovely. And the sense of an English family meeting tragedy and carrying on regardless was timeless – it reminded me in tone of The Gibbons family in This Happy Breed.

Which of course makes me think of Celia Johnson.

So, from Mary Poppins to Laura Jesson, two of my favourite English girls.